Get the Athletic Look with 5 Simple Exercises!

You’ve seen the articles and routines promising to add slabs of muscle, boulder shoulders, or bikini booty’s but what if you’re after a more all-round athletic look?  The kind of look that says you’re a combination of fit, fast, strong, and healthy! Check out these 5 simple exercises and try this routine next time you hit the gym.

  • There are a few key points of this routine that need to be followed for it to work. They are:  4 sets per exercise, minimal rest periods between sets of 40 seconds, classic full body movements, and a medium to high rep range.  The reason this routine works is it engages all systems in the body and creates strength, fitness, and endurance.  You may not be able to complete all of the required reps with the minimal rest periods the first few times but keep going until you get there. You will not regret it!


  • The first exercise is the Squat.  Using a squat rack load the bar with enough weight that you could comfortably complete 12-15 reps to start off.  Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and Squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor and then stand back up.  Proper form is very important to get the full benefit of the Squat and to protect yourself from injury.


  • The Second exercise is the Flat Bench Press. Again load the bar with a weight you can manage 12-15 reps with.  Lower the bar as controlled and slowly as possible to the center line of the chest and then explode up on the pressing movement as fast as possible whilst maintaining good form.


  • Number three is the Deadlift. Place your shins against the bar whilst it is loaded on the floor or lifting platform.  Using either an overhand or over/underhand grip with your hands holding the bar just outside your knees slowly begin to drive through your heels until the bar is at waist height.  Once there lean back very slightly and pull your shoulders backwards.  After a brief pause lower the bar back to the ground.  This must all be done without rounding your back.  Gloves, chalk powder or straps may be necessary when deadlifting depending on your current training status.


  • Number four is Wide grip pull-ups. Initially you should be doing this with body weight alone to comfortably hit the 12-15 rep range with good form.  If you are not yet ready to perform body weight pull-ups you can use a weight assisted pull-up machine until you have built up the necessary strength.


Last but not least is the classic plank for time. The goal here is to finish the routine by holding yourself in the plank position for 5 minutes. Initially you may not be able to hold the plank this long but keep completing this at the end of the routine and over time you will gradually work your way up to it.

There you have it! Simple, fast, and effective.



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