Simple Nutrition

With the myriad of Diets floating around the internet these days and gracing the covers of numerous health magazines eating right can seem downright confusing and it really shouldn’t be.

Assuming you are an average person who is looking for a combination of good health and a lean body composition it is incredibly simple to attain both.

The simplified breakdown of a meal should look something like this: (1) 100 grams of lean protein (2) a cup of green vegetables (any kind) (3) a couple of table spoons worth of healthy fats (think avocado).   Eat like this 4 – 5 times per day and you are almost certainly guaranteed good health and a lean physique.  A meal like this ensures an optimal balance of all the macro-nutrients needed for the average person to perform at their peak and look great on the beach!

Obviously there are variables to consider (vegetarians, current health, training status, etc) and this article does not seek to show exactly how to eat or to breakdown every type of protein or carbohydrate or nutrient.  What this article does seek to do is show a very brief snapshot of how simple nutrition really can be!





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