Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada.  The City that literally never sleeps, always entertains, and seems to move at 1000 miles per hour.  Vegas is an adult playground full of amazing bars, mega clubs, and some of the most mind blowing casinos and technology you have ever seen.  The thing about Vegas is it’s reputation proceeds it, and rightfully so. A lot of people come here seeking or expecting pure hedonism and if they want it they will find it quite easily. From the street hustlers and buskers, to the impersonators and entertainers, to the purveyors of porn constantly shoving little tickets in your face showing pictures of naked women with phone numbers attached (regardless of whether you are with your new wife holding hands which was initially annoying but now makes me laugh thinking back).  I also nearly forgot to mention the relentless time share sales people trying to bribe you into presentations at various resorts with free limo rides and breakfast.  I guess one bonus for us was once most of the sales people realized we were Aussie they very quickly went from our new best friends to not interested at all.  The unexpected thing about Vegas though is it actually has a surprising amount of really cool history and culture if you go looking for it and it is a very interesting place.  The other thing you learn fairly quickly is that the Grand Canyon in Arizona is not just a quick drive around the corner (like all of my friends in Australia always seem to think), its literally a full day trip just to get there but is amazing and well worth the hike.

Now the most surprising part of this particular story for most people is that my wife and i chose Vegas as our honeymoon destination (i still remember my friends saying “dude we should be going there for your bucks party, its not a honeymoon destination”). Samantha (my wife) and i pretty much march to the beat of our own drum and do what we want to do regardless of whether its popular or not. We thought it would be fun and we were both keen to tick it off our bucket lists. Also by this stage in our relationship we had already traveled to quite a few places so for us a honeymoon was a great excuse for another new adventure!  We had already done the cliche’ holidays laying about on sandy deserted beaches (which we obviously still love, duh) so we actually wanted the hustle and bustle, the noise, sites, sounds, bars and shows.  We wanted the full Vegas experience (minus the strippers & prostitutes of course).

The hotel we stayed in for our two week trip was the newly renovated Aria resort and casino.  I have stayed at a lot of hotels around the world that claim to be five star and to also be technologically advanced but most of them pale in comparison to the Aria.  From its own private monorail connecting to two other resorts owned by the same consortium, to the giant  blinds automatically opening up to reveal the Vegas strip below when you swipe into your room this place has it all.  Everything is automatic and somehow the casino magically never smells like cigarettes even though you can see hundreds of people smoking (some sort of air vaporizing anti-smoke machines that we neither properly investigated or fully understood).

The strip itself is larger than life and always buzzing and we made sure we visited every single major casino, bar and resort while we there from Ceasars Palace to MGM Grand and the rest.  Alcohol is permitted on the strip as well which always makes getting around more interesting (everything seems a little better when you are holding a drink). Also a small tip, if your ever under Planet Hollywood in the miracle mile shopping precinct make sure you hang around the pond in the middle of mall and wait for it to start raining, yep it literally rains and storms in the middle of the mall every hour.  That is of course assuming you’ve already seen the Volcano going off at Mirage, the Fountains of Bellagio, and the roller coaster flying through and above New York New York.

Vegas is a very cool place and there were far to many experiences to list here (i failed to mention the one night after a few drinks were i literally got the words Las Vegas tattooed on my left forearm… yes that actually happened).  I definitely recommend every traveler heads to Vegas and experiences it at least once in their life time and we are looking forward to heading back there in the future.

“Viva Las Vegas”




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