A love of travel

“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page”

Augustine of Hippo

There seems to be an almost infinite amount of inspirational travel quotes on the internet these days but there are two that resonate with me the most (i will get to the second one later).  People travel for a multitude of different reasons and there is no one size fits all type of adventure because every adventure is deeply personal and yours alone to take.  The common denominator i do believe applies to every traveler though is exactly what Augustine of Hippo said (above).  Regardless of your reasons for travelling your outlook on life will always change slightly after every trip, your knowledge of whats possible outside of our own personal bubble will always be expanded, and as the cliche’ goes your horizons will be broadened.  Quite often you also come home with a new appreciation for just how privileged and lucky you really are. My passion for travel and discovery is like an unquenchable thirst, and although i have managed to do a lot of it over the past few years it will almost certainly never be enough.  I love to learn and explore, to have that feeling of doing something new for the first time again, to wander, experience different cultures, and that indescribable feeling of child like curiosity you get from it.  But here is the main reason i love to travel, the freedom of it.  That feeling of Freedom to me is like a drug.  Call me an idealist, a dreamer, whatever.  Nothing makes me feel more alive than feeling of Freedom and my personal version of Freedom is to travel.  This is where the second quote comes in to it:

“Travel is rebellion in its purest form”

Internet – Unknown

I guess to some of the closest people in my life this is the part where i don’t really act like a grown up and i am considered a bit of a rebel (i don’t always believe in conventional wisdom or following the beaten path).  I’m in a well paid Senior Corporate position and consider myself fairly lucky in many respects, but i would swap it for a backpack and a one way ticket around the world with no return date in a heart beat if the part of my brain that keeps telling me to act like a responsible adult stopped getting in the way (just for the record i’m 33 which i have heard is “old enough to know better, but young enough to do it again anyway”). Don’t get me wrong i already travel a lot, i have an awesome wife, great friends, and already live in one the most beautiful countries in the world (i know, poor me right).  But that little voice in the back of my mind keeps calling me, its say’s things like “but you haven’t seen this country yet” or “imagine it would be like to live there for a year ” or “just one more trip”.  I’m an addict, i love to drift, to feel free of responsibility and to just drop everything and go (i’m still trying to figure out if if i have some sort of peter pan or Benjamin button syndrome?).  That’s just me, and we are who we are right?  I’ts almost like i’m looking for something i might never find but we only get one shot at life and this is the way i want live mine. Whether its mountain biking through villages in Bali, getting tattooed at midnight in Las Vegas, or swimming with sharks in Tahiti, (all good times by the way) it doesn’t matter. What matters to me is that drug called Freedom. I guess that makes all of us who have wanderlust rebels to some extent. I’m cool with that.




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